The primary goal of M3 Consulting Group is aiding federal, state, academic, and corporate entities with the engineering and regulatory challenges that accompany Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and other leading edge technologies. Specifically, we specialize in the development and customization of UAS to support the various goals of diverse work environments. Current research includes:

·      Survey and detection of wildlife, invasive species, and plant pests

·      The aerial release of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) applications

·      Development of strategy and policy for the effective use of UAS in the National Airspace System.

M3 Consulting Group was founded in Ohio in 2012 and currently operates primarily in Arizona with FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) zones in central Arizona. To date, we have advised the United States Department of Agriculture, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute.

Our partnership has extensive experience in the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems both domestically for agricultural applications and internationally as a part of the Department of Defense. This experience encompasses active duty military and civilian contractor perspectives. Our mission is to leverage our diverse knowledge and experience with UAS to translate its benefits to the domestic market in support of our nation’s research and scientific endeavors.


The Certificate of Authorization (COA) process is extremely dense, requiring a significant amount of writing, communications and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing FAA Regulations. Risk mitigation is a critical component of any COA and M3 Consulting Group has written and received COAs in the National Airspace System.

M3 Consulting Group develops operations, maintenance and standard procedures manuals designed to pass the FAA’s stringent safety standards. These documents are critical for any COA application, and understanding the diverse rules and regulations is a prerequisite to receiving a COA.

Interested in Applying for a Certificate of Authorization? Please feel free to email M3 Consulting Group’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems working group at, uas@m3cg.us

M3 Consulting Group develops Unmanned Aircraft Systems to assist in dull, dirty and dangerous environments. These environments are ideal for the operation of UAS, as their small footprint, autonomous operation and force multiplying capabilities ensure that the operators are a safe distance away from whatever their mission may entail.

Interested in developing an Unmanned Aircraft System for your proejct? Contact uas@m3cg.us for an initial consultation. 

Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) is the process of inducing sterility by irradiation. Insect species are irradiated at different times during their lifecycle depending on which timeframe has been proven most effective for the insect. SIT is a powerful tool for supressing or eradicating populations depending on program needs or requirements.

M3 Consulting Group has experience working in insect suppression, management and eradication programs throughout North America and works with biologists and entomologists to develop, test and validate aerial release mechanisms designed to release low levels of sterile insects into environments where such species pose a threat.

M3 Consulting Group has developed a release mechanism to release sterile Lepidoptera, such as pink bollworm, codling moth and navel orangeworm and is currently in the initial design phase to develop a sterile male mosquito release mechanism as a part of its involvement with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Mosquito Handling, Transport Release and Male Trapping Methods CRP. If you are interested in SIT and the aerial release of SIT via UAS, please contact uas@m3cg.us

Aerial mapping via conventional aircraft or satellite can be extremely expensive, especially in remote environments, or in situations where repeated mapping is required. Furthermore, stitching the images together can be a complicated and time consuming task.

M3 Consulting Group will work with you to develop a mapping solution to fit your needs. Depending on your environment we can develop either a fixed wing or multi-rotor system to map imagery, topography and hydrology maps, and stitch them together for your use.

Interested in mapping? Contact uas@m3cg.us to see how mapping via UAS can provide you with a reliable product at an affordable price. 

Aerial imaging and remote sensing ranges from the utilization of traditional eletro-optical cameras up to the latest advancements in hyperspectial imagery and analysis. These sensors are a powerful tool for assessing crop health, over or under utilization of particular agricultural inputs, such as water or fertilizer and discovering invasive plant species and noxious weeds.

Aerial imaging and remote sensing often requires a significant amount of processing and expert analysis to make sense of the data. The research and development of multi and hyperspectral dictionaries requires significant investment into ground truthing and operational testing under diverse whether, time and seasonal conditions, not to mention operational and systems validation.

M3 Consulting Group has extensive training and experience in imagery analysis, hyperspectral imaging and dictionary development. If you have any questions regarding aerial imagery and remote sensing, please contact uas@m3cg.us

Latest Operations

The M3 Desert Cardinal was designed with payload capacity in mind. This system is a heavy lifter and is utilized to release sterile insects over fields/orchards/crops under diverse conditions. In addition to its payload capacity, the Desert Cardinal has a robust power management system, making it an ideal candidate for operations in high heat environments (field tested in excess of 120F). 


Want to know more about the m3 desert cardinal?

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Trusted Consultant

M3 Consulting Group has worked with federal (both domestically and international), state and tribal clients on issues related to the safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System, has briefed policy and decision makers and has written several high impact white papers on the strategy, development and implementation of UAS into the agricultural airspace. 

International Reach

M3 Consulting Group has worked with international agencies, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and New Zealand's Plant & Food Research to develop techniques and best practice for the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into their existing research.

Academic Rigor

M3 Consulting Group has served as first author on papers and presentations related to the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in agriculture, has participated in publishing material related to the eradication of invasive species, and has published studies related to the biological fitness of sterile insects released from their UAS release mechanism. 

Engineering Background

M3 Consulting Group has a strong background in engineering, and in addition to leading research and development for federal clients, also guides senior design projects for undergraduate engineers in electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Flight & Operations Experience

M3 Consulting Group's UAS operators have significant experience in operating systems domestically under FAA Certificate of Authorizations (COA), as well as internationally in Afghanistan and Iraq. Domestic operations include the development of safety procedures for COAs and the release of sterile insects from UAS, while international operations include the use of imagery and remote sensing tools and applications.

Finance & Cost Analysis

M3 Consulting Group has past experience in finance and cost analysis studies on large scale projects in the defense industry. This skill-set transfers well into our current interests as cost and efficacy of Unmanned Aircraft Systems continues to take shape and evolve the discussions surrounding the use of UAS in the National Airspace System.


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